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We said goodbye to our dear cat, Daisy (aka Furball), last week. Emily and I miss her greatly.

We said goodbye to our dear cat, Daisy (aka Furball), last week. Emily and I miss her greatly.

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Chuck Says Goodbye Friday

This Friday at 8PM Eastern, perhaps my favorite TV show of all time will begin for the last time. Chuck, on NBC, ends its five season run Friday.

Why has a show with mediocre ratings become one of my favorite TV shows ever? Simply put, the show is a joy to watch. Action, comedy, drama, romance, geek references (some of which even go over my head), and heart. The two main characters, Chuck and Sarah, are the heart and soul of the show. Whoever cast Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski in the lead roles should have definitely received a raise. The Chuck/Sarah relationship, while at times complicated, became the heartbeat of the series.

Chuck will be the first show I’ve watched from Pilot all the way to final episode during the original airing. I still remember sitting down on my couch the first Monday night it aired and having one hell of a good time. Watching Chuck is easy, and that’s one of its greatest strengths. I’m going to be extremely sad this weekend as the show ends, but I’m thankful it went out on its own terms. Not many shows get that chance.

Despite being on the chopping block nearly every season, it survived to reach season 5. The show was beloved by critics and fans alike. Chuck even has its very own podcast. Here’s to Chuck, the little show that could for five seasons. If you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for?

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Mediterranean Farro Salad

We cooked with Farro for the first time and tried this recipe.  I really enjoyed the texture and nutty taste of the the Farro.  I would definitely recommend this recipe; very good!

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I heard this song on NBC’s Chuck and after finding it on iTunes, many comments referenced the great video.  Here’s the video!  I love the fast food characters.

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